I am my own inspiration.

As I am sat here, drinking mango juice and listening to some indie music that nobody likes, trying to write about an inspirational woman from Nottingham, I cannot quite decide who to write about.

It’s ‘Women’s Day’, just like every 8th of March, celebrating our ‘femininity’ and, basically, our gender.

I couldn’t help but think, why don’t we, women, see one another as competitors, rather than enemies. Women constantly keep building up, brick by brick, this culture of envy that is unhealthy. We can all appreciate one another, not be jealous. We’ve all been there, envied another female’s body shape, hair, looks, or even success.

Then I realised something, that I should have noticed a really long time ago. I am my own inspiration. Why don’t we all have this mentality?

My own success, hard work, and every time that I achieve something, that I did not expect to achieve. That inspires me. I know that every time I achieve a goal that I set myself, or that is set for me by someone else, I am proving myself, time and time again that I am worth a lot more than I ever realise.

At university, a time in all of our lives that makes it so hard to find external inspiration, you should be your own. As a females, we are exposed to a lot of negative role models; we are constantly taught that we are not good enough.

We are good enough. I am good enough. I learnt that it is okay to have bad days, to get a bad grade or to want a change. 

As this week, it was ‘International Women’s Day’, I want you to make that change. I want all of us women, to stop creating hate and being bad role models and just being kind. I want us to stop worrying that we are not pretty enough, that we are not good enough. That another female is better than us, just because she excels in an area that you do not.

Be yourself. To honour the women’s day. As cheesy as it may sound, be the change you want to see. Don’t envy other females, I mean, obviously, it is good to find external inspiration, and it is great when you do, but try to see what I realised myself.

 You should be inspired by yourself, before you are inspired by anyone else.

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